Survey 160 is a software-as-a-service tool which seeks to improve traditional polling by using SMS messaging to reach audiences who are not responsive to phone surveys and are underrepresented in existing online panels.

As response rates have fallen from traditional outreach – especially including landline telephones – getting representative samples is increasingly challenging and expensive.
Survey 160 supports R&D for applying tactics that have been used for organizing and engagement to improve our data and analysis, the most promising of which is SMS.

Why SMS polling?

SMS is a ubiquitous product with 95% adoption in the United States, especially among key hard-to-poll audiences. Pilot projects have shown the feasibility conducting surveys fully within the SMS interface and of using SMS to recruit respondents to take surveys in an online platform. But no survey firm offers recruitment and interview by SMS which can provide a uniquely broad coverage of audiences. And because this survey model operates with a low cost communication method and does not incentivize responses, it has the potential to provide survey data at a highly competitive price point.

These data can be used either to supplement interactive voice response “robo-polling” which reaches disproportionately older respondents, or as a standalone solution for generating survey data.